Best Places for Family Portrait Photography in NYC

When it comes to the best places for family portrait photography and headshot photography in New York City it is safe to say you have options. My favorite places to photograph families has to have a mix of both city life and nature. Thankfully we don’t have to travel very far for that.

So many people flock to Central Park, and with good reason. Central Park is one of the best places to capture a snapshot of nature amidst the concrete jungle. However, there are so many other places to capture family portraits in New York City that are under rated. Here are my top 3!

3- Brooklyn Promenade:

The Brooklyn Promenade ranks 3rd in the best places for photography because it is so popular with tourists. With Plain view of the iconic Brooklyn bridge people often can’t capture a family portrait without about a hundred other people in the shot. But if you spend a few hours there and get lucky, wait for a clearing in the crowd and you will get some really amazing shots.

  • PRO TIP: Visiting the promenade at sunset will give you optimal lighting as, during the summer months, the sunsets behind the city giving you a nice golden hour.

2- Greenwich Village:

The Greenwich Village in New York City ranks 2nd in the best places for photography. With its many tree lined streets, Brownstones, and small parks nuzzled away in the smallest out of the way spots you can capture the essence of New York. Please Note: Not all small parks are open to the public, and most have signs posted saying so, so please do not jump any fencesPerry street between West 4th street all the way to Washington street has always yielded great portraits for me.

  • PRO TIP: Avoid taking photos on the stoops of the brownstones. Instead wait for an opportune time when traffic is low and capture some photos right on the street.

1- The Highline:

The Highline Park is by far at the top of the list for best places for family portrait photography. The renovation of the decommissioned train tracks, and transformation to a public park is a stroke of genius. The Highline is nested along side the west side highway and spanning from the Meat Packing District to W34th. Here you have a choice of capturing either the city on one side and the rive in the other.

  1. PRO TIP: Start your session as early as possible. Arrive when the park opens to avoid heavy foot traffic.

To learn more about places that peak my interest please checkout my other posts. I will be sure to post some great finds as I find them!